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Installation of our hypoxic generator (EN)

Build-up instructions :

  1. Unpack carefully your generator. Make sure that there is no visible damage due to transport.

  2. Remove the safety strap located under the generator.

  3. On the oxygen port, plug one of the supplied tubes.

  4. On the other side of the tube, plug a small green ring filter, then an other tube, and so on.

  5. To reduce the noise of the air stream, you can plug a Y-piece and the ballon before plugging the last tube in the tent.

  6. Place the generator in a dry room with enough space around it so it can get enough air to supply the tent and cool down the generator.

  7. Turn on the generator. There is a general black switch on the back of the generator.

  8. Following the altitude tab on the back of the generator, use the ball meter at the front, and the air flow switch at the top to set you altitude.

  9. Turn off the generator when not using.

Tips :

  1. If you need more length, you can get PVC tubes at your local hardware store. Use boiling water to stretch the openings of the tubes. Please use same diameter as you’ve been supplied.

  2. To reduce vibration noise, place a soft mat under the generator, such as a yoga mat.

  3. Make sure there is enough space between the bottom of the generator and the floor so the fan of the generator can supply air.


- Display with odometer

- General switch

- Ball meter and air flow

- Air flow switch

- Oxygen port

- Safety strap


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