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Altitude Room Kit

Starting at AED 87.000 excl. taxes

Une configuration parfaite qui vous offre le confort ultime ! Le générateur FlowX Altitude a été spécialement développé pour ajuster automatiquement l'altitude de votre chambre / salle d'entraînement. • Altitude jusqu'à 6000 mètres • Débit d'air d'au moins 10 000 litres/heure (10 m3/h1) • Contrôlé automatiquement entre 0 et 6 000 mètres d'altitude Avec le générateur FlowX Altitude nouvellement conçu, nous sommes en mesure de simuler l'altitude de chaque pièce / salle d'entraînement sans avoir besoin d'une tente et d'offrir ainsi un confort ultime. Le générateur FlowX Altitude est livré avec un écran tactile et un contrôle d'altitude automatisé des plus précis. De plus, le système est préprogrammable à souhait. Le générateur d'altitude FlowX a été spécialement développé pour contrôler automatiquement l'altitude de votre chambre / salle d'entraînement jusqu'à environ 40 m3. Le FlowX peut être placé à environ 20 mètres de votre chambre, de sorte qu'il n'y ait aucune nuisance sonore due au bruit du générateur. Le FlowX est contrôlé par un panneau tactile placé dans la chambre, ce qui assure un contrôle d'altitude très précis.

Includes : • FlowX Generator • HEPA filter • Reinforced hose 20 meters • CAT 6 cable 30 Optional : • Remote controlled process followed and controlled by IOS & Android App (+ AED 5.290) • Wrist SPO2 sensor (incl. data logging & reporting) (+ AED 805 )

Specifications FlowX • Air flow : 10.000 ltrs/h1 (10 m3/h1) • Automaticly control : 0 - 6.000 meters altitude • Voltage : 220 V / 14 Ampere • Dimensions : ( W x D x H)70 x 65 x 140 cm • Noice level :


The main product in simulation of ALTITUDE TRAINING is the hypoxic tent system with generator.

Portable tent, or tent for one or two people (usually fixed), are proposed. This system allows the athlete to spend valuable time in a low-oxygen environment, which will allow the production and physiological benefits of altitude, while sleeping or resting.


It is the ideal product to replace the mountain training camp, expensive, but can also disrupt the organization of an ideal life.

Key features of hypoxic tent system includes :


• fresh air with hypoxia rate of 7,200 liters/hour to be kept healthy.
• no need for noisy equipment inside the tent, or even in the same room.
• no heating equipment is inside the tent.
• no chemicals inside the tent.
• no pellets or gas cylinders to replace.


Why limit yourself to sleep at altitude, while many studies and many stories of athletes and coaches, have proven that adding a few moderate hypoxia intensity workouts can provide additional very significant benefits.


With ALTITUDE TRAINING, it is simple to incorporate some workouts hypoxia at home or anywhere else. Generators are the same as those used for Hypoxia Tent System.


The exercises can be done with your own training material, or the one usually offered in your fitness center (home trainer, rowing machine, ...).


En utilisant les mêmes générateurs d'hypoxie, il est possible de faire des séances d'hypoxie à intervalles comme suit:


• exécution au repos
• 4 à 6 cycles par séance de 30 à 45 minutes, 5 jours / semaine pendant 4 à 6 semaines
• toutes les sessions du d'entrainement de base

• à l'aide d'un masque, hypoxie et hyperoxie (altitude simulée 2500-6400 mètres)

Quand les athlètes pourraient-ils choisir IHT?

• à la fin du sommeil d'hypoxie
• pour accélérer le processus d'acclimatation à l'altitude
• lorsque le système de tente n'est pas pratique
• lorsqu'un groupe de personnes souhaite utiliser un système.


Hypoxia results from the decrease in air pressure, which lowers the partial pressure of oxygen, reducing the transfer of oxygen through the membrane of the lungs, and therefore in the blood. Upon inhalation lowest oxygen, the brain responds by asking the body increased pulmonary ventilation, and the production of more red blood cells. It is these one that carry oxygen to the tissues, including muscles

Bâtiment Hypoxie

With Altitude Training Hypoxic Building Systems, we can create an environment with any altitude in smaller or larger buildings, such as hotels, apartments, rooms, sport halls, swimming pools and even mobile facilities like buses, vans, trailers and others.

So almost any place can be converted in altitude environment and become an altitude hotel, altitude house, altitude bedroom, altitude apartment, altitude hall, altitude swimming pool, altitude van and similar. An altitude invironment can be established in custom made modular chambers or inflatable chambers.

We provide Hypoxic Building System in any dimension for sports center, sports clubs and associations, sports teams, fitness centers, health resorts, spa and wellness centers, sports institutes, university research centers, hotels and apartments, altitude equine stalls, swimming pools, military facilities and large spaces.

Systems can be also interesting for hotel and sport facilities located by the sea, where users can benefit from the most popular training method “TRAIN LOW, SLEEP HIGH”.

Altitude Training Hypoxic Building Systems can be made anywhere, simulate any altitude and being used for number of people at the same time.

System is designed of four sets of equipment:

  • an air preparation, 

  • a hypoxic modul, 

  • a hypoxic pipe ventilation system 

  • a control unit system.


The computerized control system connects and controls all components and enables the use of the altitude environment according to a standard protocol or custom user protocol. Systems are designed for a 24/7/365 operation.


Since altitude places are ventilated with hypoxic air, they have no problems with CO2 or humidity. The complex HEPA filtration system ensures air purified to 0.01 microns. If demanded, the flow of hypoxic air can reach more than 10.000l per minute. 


Altitude Training Hypoxic Building Systems can be used for an altitude sleeping and /or an altitude exercise.


  • A computerized control system adjusts and monitors oxygen content in room air. The control system operates 24 hours / 7 days a week and allows connection, monitoring, change of settings and intervention in real time by the factory and by the user even when it is not physically present.

  • Large LCD with touch screen displaying every individual altitude rooms. The system provides the settings displayed on the LCD screen: set altitude, current altitude (both in oxygen percentage and meters), time, manual altitude setting, schedule altitude setting, time settings, schedule timeline settings, altitude hysteresis. An additional option – monitoring humidity and temperature.

  • Audible and visual alarm in the case of deviations from the preset rates, recorded in the alarm archive for later diagnostics. Shutdown of the system only in the place / room where deviations occur.

  • Simulation of any altitude, 8,000 m (7% O2) or more if needed.

  • A ventilation system that operates in such a way that the altitude space is ventilated with hypoxic air to ensure fresh, purified air by achieving the desired altitude.

  • Air flow to 10.000 L / m or more, depending on the power of the system or customer’s needs.

  • The complex HEPA filtration system ensures air purified to 0.01 microns.

  • The possibility of building an environmental chamber that can simulate conditions in different climatic environments: dry, hot, humidity, hypoxic,…

  • Support from factory before delivery, after delivery and for many years ahead.

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